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The Bike

Satellite Navigation:

Garmin Zumo 550. A great piece of kit. It fits easily on the bike and draws a maximum of 15W which is important when your dynamo produces a meager 60W! The unit came with street-level maps that will take me all the way across Europe. A world map to cover main roads for the rest of the journey is relatively inexpensive. I will be using a bluetooth headset with the Zumo so I can listen to directions as I ride. A really great feature is the Zumo 550 comes with a car mount and speaker so I get maximum use year round from the equipment.

Wind Up Radio Torch

There are sure to be a few nights en route to India that I spend maintaining the bike. Even in a lighted guest house courtyard it may be quite hard to see what I'm doing. This eco radio torch, designed by legend Trevor Baylis, is just the ticket. It has two powerful LEDs and best of all, no batteries are required. One minute winding gives 25 minutes of light. Furthermore, it's also a digital radio, has a red LED map light and doubles up as an emergency mobile phone charger. The entire unit is compact and has a tough rubber coating too. Contact: Baylis Next Generation Webpages

Solar Battery Charger

I just love the idea of being able to charge my numerous batteries on the go! Online solar power specialists The Solar Centre have kindly supplied me a Freeloader portable battery charger plus an additional velcro-mounted solar panel that will make the charging process 3 times faster. The Freeloaded comes with multiple power adapters so I will be able to use it with my mobile phone, PDA, digital camera, film camera and even my Sat Nav! Contact: Tel: 0845 0941250

Waterproof & Dustproof Travel Bags

Aquapac is a highly creative UK based company that won the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2007. They produce waterproof bags with all manner of applications, from protecting your mobile phone, iPod, GPS or camera to keeping valuable documents and money safe. I am taking an Aquapac Camcorder Case on my ride to India. It has a specially hardened clear lens which you can film through and is waterproof down to 5 Meters. So, should I encounter rain or severely dusty or sandy conditions, I'll be able to continue filming without risk of damage to my equipment. Contact: Tel: (+44) 0207 7384466

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