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Safety Equipment


I've tried hard-shell armour in the past and always found it too stiff and uncomfortable. I simply couldn't believe just how light and easy-to-wear
Forcefield gear was when I first tried it on; I could hardly tell it was there. And unlike any other armour I've encountered, it's even reusable after an impact. I'm using a Forcefield Sport-Lite L1 back protector. It's soft, light and breathable; perfect for long distance riding. I'm also using Forcefield performance upgrade inserts which will fit in pockets sewn into my jacket's shoulders and elbows and also in the knees of my trousers. Of course, I plan to keep the bike upright the whole trip, but it's reassuring to know my Forcefield armour will give me the best protection possible if I do have a spill. Contact: Tel: (+44) 01933 410818

I have entrusted my head protection to a
Cromwell Spitfire. Now made in Italy, these beautifully designed helmets are light, comfortable and exceed the latest EU standards. - it even has a stainless steel outer shell. It looks in keeping with my bike and Iím thrilled with it! Mine was supplied by Barry Vincent. Barry has many years experience working in the crash helmet industry and is a regular sight at major UK motorcycle shows, where he sells Cromwell helmets alongside his other well-known line, Vac-Bag, which I also highly recommend. Barry is a friendly and helpful chap who offers great service as well as excellent prices. Contact: Barry Vincent Tel: (+44) 01832 733 115 or 07758 258 740

Iíve been riding with
Halcyon goggles for roughly 15 years; they are comfortable and allow great peripheral vision. In my opinion, the style of their split lens goggle compliments a classic bike perfectly. Although my open-face helmet comes with a visor, I will be wearing my goggles as they provide additional protection from dust. I usually wear black MK9 goggles but for this trip I've treated myself to a pair of soft leather MK49 Deluxe with tinted lenses as most of my riding will be done in bright sunshine (hopefully!). Contact: Tel: (+44) 01920 486032


I never considered earplugs to be technology until I had a pair of Pro Guard plugs custom made for my ears by experts Enhanced Listening. An appointment was made for me at a local specialist who made impressions of my ear canals. The resulting earplugs are supremely comfortable and I am sure I will be able to wear them all day. Small filters have been added so I will still be able to hear the sounds I want to hear. Should I lose one of the plugs, Enhanced Listening has kindly provided me with a back up pair of Alpine Motosafe Earplugs. These are specially designed for bikers and are a quality, cost effective solution. Contact: Tel: (+44) 0208 1440370

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